Moving is exhausting and draining. Any which way you put it. Whether you are moving down the road or across the country, moving can be a stressful time for everyone. The process of packing everything you own, just to unpack it all a day or two later instantly exhausts us. There is a silver lining however….it’s the tingling feeling our clients tell us they get when they’re moving into their FIRST NEW HOME. The process suddenly is replaced from dreading to thrilling and exciting.

One of the easiest ways to overcome the stress of moving is by being organized with a check list. This can be done with the creation of a pre-moving checklist to help you stay focused and keep you right on track before the big day comes.

Bel Air Pre-Moving Checklist

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Attention to Detail Moving has prepared a shot pre-move checklist that many of their clients enjoyed using.

Here is a simple pre-move checklist that we feel would help even the most experienced mover to first time Bel Air, Ca movers.

  • Do your research and receive a free moving estimate from at least three or more Bel Air moving companies. For accurate quotes, be sure to ask for an in-home assessment.
  • Begin to consider packing supplies, such as boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap will be needed for your move. Packing supplies can add up quickly. Assign a room in your home to begin storing and organizing boxes and materials.
  • Sell, donate, or recycle any items you no longer want or need. Yard sales are a great way to make a little money selling your old stuff. One mans trash is another’s treasure and the money can go toward moving cost.
  • Many people forget to send a change of address notification to businesses, publications, friends, etc. Be sure to do this about a week before your move. You can also visit the official USPS website to make a change of address online.
  • Be sure to contact your utility company to schedule a date for turning on the electric, gas, and water in your new place and to turn off water in your current place. Same can be said about cable and internet.
  • If you have children or pets, arrange for their care in advance. It is a good idea to take your pet to your new home before the big day.
  • If you have children and your new home is in a new school district, make sure to contact your child’s school for the proper transfer information.
  • The day before your move to Bel Air, clear out the freezer and promptly defrost it. Also, be sure all garbage and trash cans in your Bel Air home are emptied and cleaned out for the next residents.
  • Contact a cleaning company to schedule a home cleaning for your new Bel Air home prior to arriving.
  • Create a moving folder with your pre-moving checklist which includes an inventory of all your items.
  • If you need more assistance, be sure to contact your moving company and they should be able to answers any questions you have.
  • Or contact Attention to Detail Moving and they can help (they serve all of LA County). Ahh…..fell the stress going away just like that….

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Bel Air Houses For Sale-630 NIMES RD | Bel Air Homes For Sale | Bel Air Real Estate

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