In this blog, our Bel Air Homes For Sale experts are going to look at how to: AVOID OVERPRICING YOUR BEL AIR HOME FOR SALE. Bel Air Homes For Sale in todays real estate market are based on comparable properties that have recently sold – simple, but not always easy. Get together with your Bel Air Real Estate Agent and review past Echo Park home sales in the area with similar:

Location– Obviously you want your comparable home to be in the same area or neighborhood. More notably, you want to try and get comps within 1 mile of your subject property location in Bel Air. The banks, lenders, and third party appraisers look closely at this.

Square footage– The comps should be no more than 15%- 20% larger or smaller than the subject property. Also, comparable properties found on the MLS or off market need to be no more than 3-6 months old. The Bel Air homes you’re using need to have sold in that time period.  Key word “sold” not stale listings or properties that have been re-listed over and over to hopefully attract new eyes, also not expired listings. Our Bel Air Homes For Sale experts want to know what someone actually paid for a home. Again this is another big criteria for the banks, lenders like Skyline Home Loans, and appraisers.

Room, bedroom and bath count–  Ideally the comparable’s should have the same bedroom and bathroom room count or at least be very close. Does that make sense?

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Style – You should try and compare Spanish to Spanish or Modern to Modern you get the point… etc  Here in Bel Air either Spanish, modern, tudor, or mid century homes in the hills with tons of glass perform best price wise.

Age – Age could be a little different depending on renovations and who and how the renovations were done. Either way, it is difficult to take a 1920’s Spanish house and compare it to a 2016 modern home in the same size range and neighborhood. But there are some older Echo Park homes that have been completely renovated to function like a newer home and you must pay close attention to those. Especially if the spot was designed by a notable builder or architect.

Condition–  Condition can play a major factor. Maybe your neighbor has the same home as you, not very likely in Echo Park, but they spent 800k updating a kitchen and 2 baths, plus an infinty swimming pool with-in the past year while yours fixtures and appliances are still from the 80’s with no pool breathing taking pool in the backyard. Obviously, buyers will pay more for the spot with all of the updates and upgrades. Wouldn’t you?

Features and Amenities–  Features and amenities like a tricked out Master suite with a master shower plus tub, his and hers walk-in closets, a view patio, multiple decks, screening room, grounds for entertaining, finished basements, etc… can play a role in what your house is worth. Obviously homes can be unique, some more than others.

Your Bel Air Real Estate agent should have a good handle on what’s going on with pricing your home to sell for your area. Your Bel Air Realtor or Broker should be able to explain a simple and transparent pricing concept and what’s up with your local real estate market to you. I always price my Echo Park listings to sell within the first 12 days on the MLS for top dollar. Ask me how.


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Pricing your Bel Air Home For Sale is the most essential component for selling your home at top dollar. It is a very critical decision that should not be taken lightly. As a homeowner you should take a deep breath and understand how and why a Bel Air Real Estate agent is recommending a price on your home.

Overpricing your Bel Air Home For Sale is going to cause you to be very frustrated. Furthermore, it most likely will net you less money for your pocket in the end.

If you take nothing else away from this article I hope you get this point: Every house is sellable for the right price, in any market. Hire a REALTOR with a good reputation and Avoid using the REALTOR that gives you the highest price with out backing it up with valid data and a marketing strategy that’s more than putting your house for sale on the MLS with a sign in your yard.

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Bel Air Houses For Sale-630 NIMES RD | Bel Air Homes For Sale | Bel Air Real Estate

Your Bel Air Homes For Sale Expert

This blog article on HOW TO AVOID OVERPRICING YOUR BEL AIR HOME FOR SALE, was provided by Glenn Shelhamer of The Shelhamer Real Estate Group. If you are selling your Bel Air home, I have a comprehensive marketing plan, including preparing your Bel Air home properly that will help get your home sold in less time and for more money.

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