When it comes to flooring you have a whole slew of materials to choose from. Some are better than others, some are trendier than others and even more so, some are better to use in certain rooms than others you can use service like roomsketcher.com to help you visulize the room.

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Whether you want a material that can easily fit on any style, it might be time to start looking into tiles. Tile is by far one of the most versatile materials available. It not only comes in an assortment of sizes but colors and finishes as well. Below are a few of the reasons why you should be considering tile, not to mention, porcelain for all facets of your home. Keep reading to see why tile is being used in more rooms than ever.

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It’s Extremely Attractive

It does not matter what kind of tile you choose, from custom made to ledgestone backsplash tile to a manufactured porcelain tile, ceramic tile or anything else in between you can guarantee one thing; it’s going to look incredible and add a certain appeal to a room that no other material can see tilemarkets.com for these materials. It can also add elegance, style, and panache.

It’s Really Incredibly Durable

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When tiles are properly laid, they can last for years to come. You’ll also note that it’s very resistant to things like dents, cutting and even scuffing. In fact, while there are a lot of other great materials out there, they are not impervious to things like denting and scuffing. Wood, for instance, is an amazing material, but it’s also very finicky and can get scratched quite easily.

Tiles are good for any room, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, even bedrooms. If you find that the tile is too cool you should also know that tile is a good material if you want radiant flooring i.e; heated floors. Lastly, tile is great for those rooms that are high traffic, because it is so durable.

Quite Versatile

If you think of traditional or modern when you think of tile, think again. This is a material that will go up against any type of decor and look like it was made for it. It usually doesn’t matter if you want contemporary, modern, rustic, cottage, art deco or whatever else. You can find a tile, a size, and a pattern that will accompany your decor.

Easy To Take Care Of

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Some of the other materials out there need to be re-glazed, resealed or replaced quite often. But, this isn’t the way tile works really. If you have it professionally installed and once a week you mop and sweep it you can keep your tile floor looking and feeling nice for many years to come. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up quickly, and you also can keep stains from seeping into the flooring, which over time will be harder to clean up, but that’s just common sense.

Really Affordable

Tile is not by any means the cheapest material available, however, it’s also not the most expensive. Here are a few price points for tiles in different square footage:

120 square feet – Low: $1,296 – High: $2,828

250 square feet – Low: $2,617 – High: $4,765

500 square feet – Low: $5,167 – High: $9,130.

These prices include; materials, labor, supplies, and of course equipment. A 500 square foot space is actually quite big. It’s considered, in some cases, a full house.

You could also do it yourself to cut the cost even more. So if this is for just one room, it would be significantly smaller and therefore the prices would be much lower.

Comes In Many Faux Looks

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A tile as a tile is awesome, but you can also make a tile look like other materials. Some of the most popular ideas are stone and wood. Stone tiles can come in an array of styles, from marble and granite to limestone and quartz. Of course, nothing is better than the real thing, but if you’re on a budget, a whole floor of granite probably is way over the budget line, which is why tile is a better option. Faux wood, which can be seen below, is a very popular option and yet it’s so much less than real wood or even laminates.

Yes, that really is porcelain tile. It looks so real. This isn’t the only option available either. You can find different cuts, colors, and grains – all that look like real wood.

One of the best things to do if you are still on the fence about tile is to visit a tile showroom. There, you can see physically which options are available, as well as be shown product guides on what other options are available. A lot of these showrooms will allow you to take a few pieces home so that you can live with the sample for a few days and see how you like it, see if it fits with your decor, your furniture, the paint on your walls, etc.

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