In this article we’re going to look at how messy neighbors in Bel Air are horrible for the neighborhood. We’re sure you will agree with us if you’re in the market for a Bel Air Home For Sale you’ve come to the correct Bel Air Real Estate Company. Bel Air Homes For Sale, a subdivision of the Shelhamer Group, will answer all of your Bel Air Home For Sale and market trend questions. Today we are focusing on: Factoring Waste Disposal into Your Bel Air Interior Design Plans.

Planning out your new Bel Air Home – whether it is a new Bel Air development or a renovation is exciting and sometimes expensive. There are a handful of opportunities for that ideal Bel Air kitchen with an island, that big TV in the newly configured living room, better lights for the bedroom, french windows opening out onto the garden. However, there’s a lot of tiny details that often get overlooked and one of those is designing a waste management system, which flows.

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Now, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to waste. Even less if you have messy neighbors, though there are a range of options for dealing with messy neighbors from negotiation to contacting the authorities. What you can do though, is ensure you do not end up with trash overflowing in your home, outside it or end up with bins and boxes outside waiting for collection day to arrive. This means looking at the key areas of the house.

The Garage

The final point before collection day. You want the rest of your system to be designed to flow rubbish into the garage where you store boxes for recycling and trash cans or wheelie bins for other types of rubbish. The only exception is the compost heap which should be in the garden somewhere. In a perfect world, you want to be able to get to the garage easily from the kitchen (the largest creator of waste) and to get from the garage to wherever the waste will be put out for collection day.

 The Kitchen

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The in-house focal point for trash as with leftover food, food by-products, packaging and so on, the kitchen tends to generate the most amount of rubbish of all the rooms in the house. The second is the bathroom. It is usually a great idea to have individual bins, best stored in cupboards or a part of cabinets in the vicinity of the main sink. Separate your trash into compostables, non-compostable organics, recyclables and non-recyclables.

Other Parts of Your Home

Most other rooms can benefit from the odd wastepaper basket, one which fits the aesthetic of the Bel Air House. However, it is possible to use in-cabinet solutions; especially in the bathroom, to hide bins out of the way and make them less visible. One idea, for example, is for a magazine rack to hold current newspapers and magazines, but to have a drawer set aside for old ones, which can be emptied for recycling at regular intervals or when full.

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Bel Air Houses For Sale-630 NIMES RD | Bel Air Homes For Sale | Bel Air Real Estate

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