In this article we are going to cover a few Tips for Purchasing a Bel Air Home For Sale. I’m sure you  would agree with me, luxury homes in Bel Air are more stunning today than they have ever been. I mean, could you imagine having a basketball court or private theatre in your Bel Air Home?

There are some amazing homes out there, and the higher your budget, the more choices you’ll have at your fingertips. But, before you sign mortgage papers for a home just because it has a waterfall in the front yard or giant walk-in closets, remember that you are still making an investment. Below you will find a few of the top tips from our Shelhamer Group Bel Air Real Estate agents that will definitely help you buy your dream Bel Air home.

#1. Bring the Correct Bel Air REALTOR® on Board

Hire a Bel Air Realtor who has experience with Bel Air luxury homes in particular. They will be able to give you specific information that other agents wouldn’t be able to. For example, they’ll be able to tell you which luxury communities are the best to invest in.

A luxury real estate agent in Bel Air, CA should be well aware of communities around the area. If you find a home you’re seriously considering, always have it inspected. Avoiding this could result in buying a pretty home that that may not have solid bones. Try to select a home inspector who specializes in Bel Air luxury homes rather than regular houses. Are you searching in the hills? How’s the foundation?

Modern Bel Air homes these days often come with sophisticated electronic systems that could require great expertise to manage. Here at The Shelhamer Real Estate Group – we have a team of trustworthy tradespeople and experts at your disposal.

#3. Ask for Private Listings

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Ask your Bel Air Real Estate Agent for private or “pocket” listings that are within your price range. High end homeowners may not allow their agents to put their homes public on the market to protect their privacy. Often luxury Bel Air home owners will only show their homes to pre-qualified buyers to avoid tire kickers and wondering eyes. We recommend having your POFs proof of funds in the form of a bank statement so they seller’s know you’re a serious buyer. You’ll go to the top of the list.

Most Bel Air Real Estate Agents can work with other luxury agents to find you houses that you wouldn’t see in online listings. It definitely pays off hiring a well connected luxury agent.

#4. Will it Sell in the Future?

While you might love the solid gold toilet in your luxury home, will that appeal to other buyers? If you purchase a unique home remember that it may be difficult to sell for top dollar in the future despite being luxurious.

#5. Research Online

While your Bel Air Real Estate professional will help you find a Bel Air Home For Sale, you can still do research on your own. Look at Shelhamer Real Estate Group luxury home listings, take virtual tours and research neighborhoods. You’ll learn a lot just by looking around at what’s out there!

Concentrate on finding websites online who specialize in displaying luxury Bel Air Homes For Sale and provide additional information that is beneficial to you.

#6. What about the Title?

If you’re concerned about taxes or even your privacy, then speak with your tax accountant about how you’ll take the title for your luxury home.

#7. Ask Experts for Tax Information

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Luxury Bel Air Homes For Sale often have extremely high taxes, and that’s why you should speak with your estate planner or tax accountant before you make the final purchase. They’ll give you tips for taking the title and information on tax deductions.

#8. Trust Your Real Estate Agent

Work with a real estate agent who respects your privacy and won’t speak to others about your needs, budget or other sensitive information.

#9. If You Can, Use Cash

Cash is always the best option for purchasing a luxury home, but if you want to keep cash free, then take advantage of a low interest mortgage from Joe Tishkoff, Skyline Home Loans.

#10. Prepare Your Financial Information

Some Bel Air Real Estate Agents and even sellers want proof that potential buyers can afford luxury homes. Have bank statements and other documents that prove your wealth available to show to the necessary parties, we covered this above and it’s worth mentioning again. I know it’s sometimes uncomfortable to share your financials with anyone. You’ll have to trust your real estate agent who is working for you. If you feel uncomfortable, work with a real estate professional you trust. Simple. Some seller’s request the POFs so to only open their doors to qualified buyers.


Buying a luxury home in Bel Air can be a wonderful experience, and these tips will ensure things go more smoothly. Consider them before you ever contact an agent to look at homes and you’ll be glad that you did!

Bel Air Houses For Sale-630 NIMES RD | Bel Air Homes For Sale | Bel Air Real Estate

Bel Air Houses For Sale-630 NIMES RD | Bel Air Homes For Sale | Bel Air Real Estate

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